On the Sand

(Some of these short poems see Creation as if through a child’s eyes. Some of them suggest a more mature view of the Creator. A few of them even reflect the long perspective of age. Most are not intended to be Scriptural, sometimes not even spiritual. Yet they may give your spirits a lift: By the middle of the week, who doesn’t need a chuckle or a changed outlook?)
   §  On the sand I drew a line
as far as I could reach.
I dared the sea to cross that line
and come up on the beach.
   §  On the sand I wrote my name,
every letter neatly.
Then the whispering water came,
erased my name completely.
   §  On the sand I built a tower,
strong enough to stay.
Then the hungry tide came higher,
washed it all away.
   §  On the sand I lay down flat
and dreamed I drove to Dover.
Then a wave came in, and splat!
I was wet all over. 
Copyright © 2016 by Perry Thomas

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