Sunset After Storm

(Some of these short poems see Creation as if through a child’s eyes. Some of them suggest a more mature view of the Creator. A few of them even reflect the long perspective of age. Most are not intended to be Scriptural, sometimes not even spiritual. Yet they may give your spirits a lift: By the middle of the week, who doesn’t need a chuckle or a changed outlook?)
The rain rolled down our windshield
in a stream that wouldn’t stop.
The thunder grumbled overhead:
“Look out! The sky might drop!”
   The lightning scissored through the dark
and made the clouds look bright.
The dashboard clock said three, but gee,
it looked like nine at night.
   And then the clouds began to shrink;
the rain fell soft and slow.
Blue windows opened up above;
the sun began to show.
   And on the far horizon,
as evening turned to night,
an orange sherbet ice cream cone
slid softly out of sight.
Copyright © 2016 by Perry Thomas

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