How Come Humpty Dumpty?

(Some of these short poems see Creation as if through a child’s eyes. Some of them suggest a more mature view of the Creator. A few of them even reflect the long perspective of age. Most are not intended to be Scriptural, sometimes not even spiritual. Yet they may give your spirits a lift: By the middle of the week, who doesn’t need a chuckle or a changed outlook?)
  §  How come Humpty Dumpty sat high on that wall?
Whatever possessed him to take such a fall?
And why were those horses, and all the king’s men,
unable to put him together again?
  §  Remember the man who could eat nothing fat?
Did lower cholesterol strengthen Jack Sprat?
His wife, on the other hand, ate nothing lean.
Did she use detergent to lick the plate clean?
  §  I wonder why Peter liked pumpkin so much.
He ate one, then cleaned out its shell for a hutch.
No rabbit or hamster he put there to dwell:
He moved in his wife, kept her there very well.
   §  Do nursery rhymes sound like nonsense to you?
Well, join the club! Give them a twist! Make them new! 
Copyright © 2016 by Perry Thomas

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