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BOOKS have always been a big part of my life. How about yours?

Thatís one of the reasons for this web site. Iíve written a lot of books, and Iíd like to share some of them with you.

Many of my books were written not in English but in another language used in a country on the other side of the world. Most likely youíre not much interested in those books . . . even if you could read them.

All of my other books are in English. Yet you may still find it hard to read them because they arenít readily available. Thatís another reason for this web site.

You can read one of my books, Midweek Meditations on Family and Friends, by clicking on the ďBlogĒ along the top or bottom of this page. Itís been running in weekly installments since January 2015 (and you can still access back issues).

My newest book, The Children of a King: Ridgecrest, Summer of 1950, was previewed during a summer staffersí reunion held at Ridgecrest in June of 2016. Now itís been released by Archway Publishing, and itís readily available on Amazon (and elsewhere); use this code: ISBN 978-1-4808-3114-8.

My most recently published books before The Children of a King are Pilgrims on the Wilderness Road and From Slave to Governor: The Unlikely Life of Lott Cary -- both published by Parson Place Press and both available either as print books or as e-books.

Why did 600 people travel 600 miles from colonial Virginia over high mountains into the still-dangerous territory of Kentucky? Who led the largest single group of new settlers ever to trek the perilous Wilderness Road?

Do you like an inspiring story? a true story? an exciting story from pioneer times in America? Then Pilgrims on the Wilderness Road is the book for you.

Lott Cary rose from slavery in Virginia to become the governor of Liberia. This uplifting paperback is based on long-overlooked historical sources, as well as on-the-spot research in West Africa.

Do you like a hero story? a real-life story? a story of quiet courage and dogged determination? Then From Slave to Governor is the book for you!

The problem is you may not be able to just walk into a book store and pick up a copy of one of these new books of mine. The book store people can get them for you, but they will likely have to order them for you. So, why not do yourself a favor by going online yourself and buying my books at a better price, either from or from Youíll get a great read at a bargain price. Iíll get the privilege of introducing you to some of the most interesting people Iíve ever known . . . or known about. (Of course, if you like to read electronically, the Kindle and Nook editions of both books are also available.)

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WHY is it hard to find my books, if Iíve written so many of them?

The crux of the matter is, most of my books in English are now out of print. Yet you can still find them if you know where to look. For instance, here are three more of my most recent books, besides Pilgrims on the Wilderness Road and From Slave to Governor:

Good News from Indonesia: Heartwarming Stories from the Land of the Tsunami Ė Parson Place Press published this one, first in 2008 as a hardback, then again in 2011 as a less expensive paperback.

Exploring Church History: 20 Centuries of Christís People - World Publishing (now a part of Thomas Nelson, and Thomas Nelson is now a part of Harper-Collins, which also owns Zondervan) released this one in 2005 as a book that ďilluminates church history in a fascinating manner century by century.Ē

Ways We Worship - Barronís Educational Series (in New York) published this one in 1997 as ďa thoughtful introduction for children to the beliefs, practices, and history of the worldís major religions.Ē

If all three of these rather recent books are already out of print, then how do you find them?

Go to the website for Good News from Indonesia. Go to a website such as,, or for the other two. When I did that, I found that either Exploring Church History or Ways We Worship can be purchased for almost any amount from about a dollar up (plus shipping and handling). The copy you buy may be used, but on the other hand it may be almost like new; check it out.

Three pitfalls to watch for:
  1. My book isnít the only one out there entitled Exploring Church History; make sure you get the book by Perry Thomas.
  2. There is another writer whose name is Thomas Perry; make sure youíre looking for the right author.
  3. ďPerry ThomasĒ isnít the only name under which my books have appeared. Many of them (especially those in another language) have been published with other names. When you buy Ways We Worship, for instance, youíll note that a different authorís name is listed.
+ + +

As you can tell, going OUT OF PRINT can be a big problem for a writer of books. Sometimes, though, the problem gets solved in an unexpected way.

More than three decades ago I wrote a great book for teen-age readers (as well as for adults), and succeeded in getting it published. Itís a coming-of-age biography of a great American. In due time this book was about to go out of print, when another publisher picked it up and reissued it . . . and itís still in print today!

The title of this long-running book? To Be the First: Adventures of Adoniram Judson, Americaís First Foreign Missionary.

As you might expect, you can find this lively biography listed on web sites that offer second-hand books. But when you do, youíll be buying the earlier printing of To Be the First (and perhaps a well-used copy of it at that). If you want to make sure of getting a brand-new book, visit the ACE School of Tomorrow web site.

Youíll find To Be the First listed alphabetically for a modest price (plus S & H).

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Give me time. Iím not a web master, just a beginner. To tell you the truth I donít know much about an authorís web site as yet. With the help of friends, Iím making it up as I go along.

I do know, though, that there are more than a dozen other good books of mine already out there, and little by little Iíll cue you in on how to find them. If youíre curious, you can find some of them right now by clicking this quick link to a list of them on Barnes and Noble,, and

Later on you may be able to download more ďPerry Thomas BooksĒ, or buy them as e-books. Others may become available in the general book market, as Iím still actively writing and looking for publishers.

You must be interested in books, or you wouldnít have found my web site. Thank you for your visit! If you want to contact me, send an e-mail to


Perry Thomas

Cover of Pilgrims on the Wilderness Road

Learn how three brothers led the way through the American wilderness to a new life

Cover of From Slave to Governor

Learn about the first African American governor of Liberia!

Cover of The Children of a King

Enjoy this nostalgic and heartwarming look at Christian youth of a bygone era!

Cover of To Be the First

Learn about America's first foreign missionary!